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Front and second line developers

In working with different software engineers, I've noticed that there are generally two types of developers.

How to securely store passwords in a database?

Passwords must never be stored in clear text in the database. If they were, attackers would be able to steal them if the database ever gets compromised. To avoid this, two actions are necessary to store a password securely: hashing and salting.

How to use VSCode debugger with multiple Docker services

In my company, we use Docker and Docker Compose to run our Node.js services locally. Recently, I needed to configure and run the VSCode debugger on some of these services to debug a feature. There are a few things to know to achieve this, which I will share in this article with some basic examples.

Node.JS — How to create simple to-do list with Foal

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a basic web application with FoalTS. The demo application is a simple to-do list with which users can view, create and delete their tasks.